April 13th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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What do I get for writing 11 pages in two hours by hand? My right wrist protesting every move I make... oi! shows I need to write more... as opposed to typing.. typing is okay... I can type for hours and hours without a problem, but writing... yeah...
Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

DHC Rehearsal and stuff

Okie dokie... publicity photo next week.. (as is my IACT301 midterm! ACK!) what's the worst thing here? I have to wear the dreadful MAKE UP that day... because I won't have time to put the stage make up on before the rehearsal, class finishes at 6:30 and I got 30 mins to get to the rehearsal place.. and I don't want to rush in putting stuff on... I'll probably freak the IACT prof out as I normally DON'T wear make up at all.... well not that I didn't freak him out already.. Bwahaha.. but yeah..

hmm..need to get out my costume see if it needs freshening up and all... need to get my nails sorted too; so they all look the same length and won't look weird on the photos...not like anyone will look at the nails specifically, but DANG I stand out so much in the photos since I'm the only RED HEAD there! Oi! oh well...

DHC inventory is on the way; team meetings next week too... ^_^ I'm ready, I think...

non chorus related stuff: I got myself a wrist support thing that they use in sports, for my right wrist so it won't protest as much when I'm trying to write...otherwise I'll be twitchin' by the end of the week if I'm trying to sign my own name somewhere.. either that or I'll be dropping pens the second I pick them up (happened before.. ahem.. )

and me thinks I'm gonna go sleep; otherwise I'll need extra coffee tomorrow... (not like it's a bad thing!)
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