March 27th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

oy...busy week incoming....

Ugh.. was just looking at my organizer this week...despite my headache due to the allergies...:: rubs face:: I got tons of work to do....

aside the usual mumbo jumbo of classes and library work; I got a lot of late nights planned... tomorrow's the section rehearsal for my chorus's section -- 7:30PM till 9:30 PM (I'm hoping I won't be as rattled as I was last time.. ) then on Tuesday is the usual chorus rehearsal (7PM to 10PM).. and on Wednesday is the Management Team meeting of the chorus 'team leaders' from 8PM till 10Pm....I'm not technically in charge of the Ops team, but I'm the one who's coming to that management team meeting cuz the new team leader can't make it...need to get a list of stuff from her on what I'm supposted to report to the management team...

on another note: think that tuna I had for 'lunch' had something bad in it... my stomach feels funny... X_X OY...
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Well lessee...dusted and vacuumed my room.... (wow I actually did somethin guseful onna weekend) read the E-commerce slides, the security instructor hadn't bothered putting the slides up from the past two weeks lectures... need to talk to him about that; I talked to him several times already and he just says "I'll put 'em up tonight" Dude! that was 2 weeks ago or something! How hard is it to FTP stuff online? SHEESH! :: shakes head ::

Spring break is from 9th April till 17th....yes I actually looked at my student calendar in order to figure a few things when I have to start studying for finals and not run around tearing my hair out when I find out the exam's tomorrow or something... speaking of exams... I've no idea when my midterms are... O_O okay I know for a fact there's no mid term on E-Commerce (IACT 304) cuz the guy came 3 weeks late and he decided not to give us one... don't ask... I don't know myself why he decided not to give us one, I'd have liked to have one, (not because I'm a geek) but because he's a new instructor and I want to see his exam style; I don't want to be surprised onna finals...

As for IACT 301; no idea when the midterm's for that.. he said he'd give quizzes in class, thus far we haven't had a single one; I think it's just his way to make people study every time; but no one does because they all know he won't give a quiz in class anyway... ::shakes head ::
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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Sheesh! can't believe I just did that! I had an entry all typed up and all and BAM! I click on the "close page" D'oh! :: slaps self:: now I don't remember what I wanted to write... D'oh.. think I need sleep... :: sweatdrop ::

I think I'm gonna see "copy/paste" in my dreams tonight... spent the last hour or transferring entries from the MBI LJ to the community LJ... since it wouldn't do it automatically...:: glare at LJ:: I had to do it manually... but yeah.. now it's done... and complete.... hope I didn't mess up anywhere.... if I did, SORRY!!!

The MBI/SK RPG community is now located over at

If you're in the RPG and I didn't add you to the Community, post a comment, and I'll add you!
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