March 21st, 2004

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IACT 301 Assignment 3

Working on Assignment 3 for IACT 301 ( It has to have a handout, seminar (presentation) and an essay/report)
Seminars must try to explain how a particular technology/concept works and how it can be designed and used for information /communication security, surveillance, social control, legal implications and competitive market advantage/disadvantage possibilities.

This assignment includes:

  • A  seminar presentation on your major report work.  This is an oral presentation of about 15 minutes
  • A summary handout for the tutorial class and a list of key references used
    (2 pages in total)
  • A report/essay based on one of the topics

My topic is Password Security

I should've started it yesterday, but I didn't really feel like it; I don't enjoy working at home that much anymore...

Oh and Darky has an essay due today so he wants me to check it... :: rolls eyes :: keeps calling me up asking how to source stuff... it's in his subject OUTLINE, read the darn thing instead of calling me up!!! Sheesh!

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Darky's Essay

Sheesh! he should be taken out to the field and SHOT for abusing the English language so much!!!!

Full of grammar errors; I was sitting there going "OY" in almost every sentence! and he's supposted to be the older one.. the one who got better grades in English! :: shakes head ::

Half his sentences are run ons which last for about 7 lines each! Apparently he doesn't believe in punctuation, not a SINGLE comma or semicolon anywhere!! Thank God he had full stops! No difference between -s endings and singular words...same for a, an before words starting with consonants/vowels....I mean this is BASIC stuff here!

And they let these people PASS?!?!

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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

surprise surprise...

Gee.... what a surprise... not even a "thank you" for checking his stupid essay...and I didn't do much for my own essay/presentation thing....which is due in on Tuesday....However I got the sources and I went through them underlining stuff that I'll use, so at least I don't have to dig around through the papers and books to wonder what to write...we'll see how it goes tomorrow...
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