March 4th, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


Got my medical insurance....requested a bank statement... that's to be picked up on Saturday... will apply for a visa on Saturdy as well as they're closed on Thursdays and Fridays... dont' have much time left... and dad doesn't like it the way I spend money on this, but hey *I* want to go so it's *MY* money to spend.. sides I earned the cash on my account anyway.. don't need any talks from parents on how to manage my finances TYVM
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Daniel smile

Movie and stuff

Watched a movie with machello. Watched "Timeline" based on a book by Michael Crichton.  Ma'chello here says the book is more interesting than the movie, but then again almost all the time the book is more interesting than the movie.....I gotta stop watching movies with swords and Dark Age stuff in 'em...someone's trying to tell me something, I swear.....</p>

Oh and ginoantonio we now have a nick name for you... You shall now be called "Sha're" we figure it suits you, so yeah


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