March 3rd, 2004

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

:: shaaaakes head ::

Passport's NOT here yet... however I managed to get a 6 months extension, which is not perfect, but it will do (I'm hoping) need to go to the bank tomorrow to get my bank statement and travel insurance.....

German embassy told me if it's transit and I have a visa to Holland it's fine and I won't need a visa to that's cool.... (I'm hoping again....)

I'm hoping I can submit the visa application tomorrow.... :: crosses fingers ::
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Daniel research

Holland visa application requirements

Things I need/have ready for submittion for my visa application:
- One application form completed and signed: check... (sort of)
- one passport size photograph: check
- original passport valid for more than 3 months after the intended trip, original and one copy: check
- resident in UAE more than 1 year/ UAE resident visa valid more than 3 months after the intended trip: check
- letter from employer/sponsor stating designation, date of employment, salary, period of stay, purpose of visit, financial arrangement: er.... um..sorta... got a letter from dad who's my sponsor, 's about it, no idea if it's enough
- printout of flight details, including return flight: check
- medical insurance for the entire Schengen trip; original and one copy: tomorrow
- letter of invitation: check
- letter from travel agency stating itinerary, period of stay, payment: nada, got a letter from the Convention Comittee, not sure if it's enough
- bank statement for last 6 months and proof of sufficient funds; original and one copy: tomorrow

:: sweatdrop:: I hope I get it all done tomorrow..... :: cross fingers ::
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