December 20th, 2003

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look


What is up with me scaring away the male population??? Okay it comes in handy at work; they actually shut up and say sorry when they do something wrong/talk on the phone in the library after I just throw a look their way....but I chased off a guy in the supermarket today; was waiting for a box of water to be brought to the counter, but after 5 minutes of waiting I went there myself and picked up the box myself, guy just went 'ma'am let me get someone to handle that' I just went 'no thanks I don't have time I'll do it myself" should've seen the guy's eye go huge; women here are not known to carry boxes or anything of that sort... The guy sidestepped me and turned into an isle with his hands held up defensively....

:: shakes head:: at this rate I'm probably going to scare away everyone but Klingons...... sheesh.. so much for my dreams of my own knight in shining armour (not that I have any dreams like that... :P ); they tried, but I scared them off.....

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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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OKay; problems with the main computer for the past few days... it used to freeze for no apparent reason....figured it out today; bloody thing had a trojan in there since November 13th! I *think* I got rid of it; am hoping it's not one of those that re-installs itself into the registry even after you've deleted all the keys and files by hand....guess we'll know the next time the main computer restarts...pity the fact that I have a tighter security on my computer than the main one does; if that had the same amount then dad would be more likely to play around with those things and delete stuff that's actually important!

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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Subjects I'm thinking of taking next semester

IACT301 -- Info and Comm Security
IACT304 -- Business On-Line
BUSS312 -- Distributed Information Systems
ACCY231 -- Information Systems in Accounting
CSCI121 -- Advanced C++

That way, Semester after the next I'll do
INFO303 -- Advanced Project
IACT303 -- Worldwide Networking
MARK301 -- Marketing on the Internet

and methinks I'll be done with my Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology; Spcialization: E-Commerce (yes, e-com, I thought I was in programming when I started at UOW; apparently not, I guess...)

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