November 7th, 2003

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Finally done with the IACT report.....Boy am I ever tired of proofreading stuff... but at least I'm 100% sure there are no errors in there.. typos or grammar or spelling errors..... at least ONE thing I'm proud off this weekend.... despite the annoying "you're not doing anything important" lines from Darky...I don't see how my education is important to him; he already has a degree in BBA (although I don't see him holding a big paying job with that....)

gotta pick up my DHC silver top tomorrow morning after my marketing lecture. Well I gotta try it on, they have those specially made. I just happen to be the smallest (and youngest...) member of the chorus.

Other than that, I wasn't all to 'in the mood' of doing anything productive..... Now that I am in the mood for that now; still not on good terms with Darky (when ARE we on good terms? most likely when either of us is asleep or not home!)