November 1st, 2003

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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YAY got my Indy Jones and Stargate SG1 Season 4 DVD sets today! downside is I can't watch 'em till I'm done with my Marketing Exam which is this Thursday...

Finally I'll watch Indy Jones and for the first time will fully understand what that RPG we did ions ago was all about!!!!

:: tugs at hair:: 'm having trouble selecting the best post I posted on WebCT over the past few weeks! Of course I got 29 to choose from; wide variety, but Karl says they're all good, so I may just select a random one (and the longest one.. :P ) and print that off... IACT is actually the only subject I'm not worried about... and not because we won't have an exam on that; it's because the subject's fun! gotta write two essays for it tho'... doing research on surveillance and yadda.. (kinda fun and interesting... I'm reading two books on Ethics in IT at the moment, very interesting....)

Aiye.....Darky nagging for me using the printer.. HELLO! I have to print my assignments! Plus the research/reference materials since they're needed for group work! what does he want me to do? write 'em out by hand?! Sheesh! :: rolls eyes and shakes her head :: of course this coming from someone who has a printer in his room! Nyeah, he'll shut up one day.... when parents finally wise up and kick him outta the house to go live on his own (I wish! Personally I'm getting out of this place soon as I have enough dough on my account to breathe freely)

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