October 16th, 2003

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Looked at some more home theatre systems.... got my eyes set on a Panasonic digital amp. with a subwoofer and 5-6 speakers... however my wallet isn't set for it; I'll have to collect my paychecks for about half a year to get that system....USD1500 or thereabouts.... waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my range...but that one has everything I'll ever need... however I wanna buy a system outta my own money; not have dad buy it for me....so I guess I'll have to keep lookin' for a good one but not too expenceive one.....

On the other hand.. why not.... as i approximated, the cost of technology in my room is about 2 times more than what's in my closet..... :: sweatdrop, is a geek, yes ::