October 2nd, 2003

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Well.... I reformatted my computer... reinstalled everything.. finally got ICQ to work and not hate my computer.. (or vice versa)

Got a 120Gig External Hard Drive from PlugIns today; too... so I got 3 HDs now with 200Gigs of disk space total... (my internal HDs are 40 Gigs each) :P muahaha!

Okay the thing cost me USD350 (there goes the rest of my paycheck for August, good thing I get paid for September on Saturday or Sunday.....) but it's worth it....I was running out of Disk Space with all the pictures and CDs converted into MP3s for my Jukebox Zen MP3 player.......

My desk is still layered with all the installation CDs... can't see the top of the desk! D'oh.... yes I got that much software installed.... which may explain why the computer was hiccuping at times.. oy! mebbe I need more RAM.... :S :: is a geek yes......... should've realised that when she estimated that her computer costs more than all the clothes she owns::

Managed to read a few Marketing chapters as well as a couple of Marketing chapters....allergies being a bother, but at least the headache is gone....

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