September 29th, 2003

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Marketing Tutorial was kinda fun.... (ok considering I knew most of the answers and could explain them....) yay i did my homework.... (barely) ok so I cheated I didn't read the chapters word by word I just skimmed the parts related to the questions....I will read the chatpers onna weekend tho'!

Work was....hectic to say the least... within two hours I had to shelve a trolley full of books; stamp, tag, glue the due date slips on 40+ new books; arrange the papers for the undergrad orientation that we're running for new students; enter the item numbers to print the barcodes for the new books; print the spine labels for the new books... didn't get the time to actually stick the labels on... or copy the CDs that came with a few books... D'oh! will do so tomorrow though.... start of the semester is always hectic on the library; lots of new patrons, people you have to explain the rules to..... this sorta thing....

Got to go to DHC tomorrow; nifty.... although I'm sneezing like alunatic and got a sore throat today..... AIYE.... am looking after it so it won't go worse tho'..... honey/lemon/warm water; hot tea, this sorta thing.....had a fever a few hours ago, but it seemed to have gone down now so that's a good thing....

We'll see what happens tomorrow...

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