September 21st, 2003

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

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Allergies actin' up again.. which is the reason I didn't attend the RPG today... aiye... this is annoying to say the least.....I got classes from 1:30 until 6:30 today, no idea what I'm going to do with work....since I gotta see the dean after 11 am because I got a clash in my timetable and I want to sort that one out once and for all because I'm sick of staring at the stupid thing for hours, which is what I was doing yesterday, trying to figure out what's what and which tutorial/lab I should take because for some subjects there are 8 tutorials.

Dad's reluctant to let me take the car; which I can understand.. since I have less trouble driving 4X4s, and most locals here want to show off infront of women in 4X4s or just show off infront of women drivers. Well I've seen moron drivers before, heck I'm living in the same house as one.. :: points at Darky :: it's not like I'm a speed demon despite loving speed; I won't floor it if the situation is not safe up ahead. I mean Darky floors it on roundabouts and sharp turns, where you're not supposted to go at high speeds! wonder there are problems with his car all the time.....

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