September 2nd, 2003

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Whoo... Imma first soprano at the least...didn't try to go higher just yet, as because of not enough practice that sort of thing can shoot my voice entirely and I don't want that. Take it bit by bit; almost forgot what it's like to warm up! Aiye....

need to dig my flute out and practice that too, sometime....or just plain sit in front of a piano and play some sheet music like I used to..I got plenty of sheet music, just can't find enough time to really sit down and play. Augh!

Worst of all I got tons of BA sheet music (including "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"), but I never really played all the songs on the piano. (some of them sound odd on the piano, I mean you try playing '18 till i die' onna piano! just not the same without a guitar! others sound just right played on the flute, such as 'Heaven') Need to hunt down a guitar that I can actually hold; cuz the one I have is too big for my fingers; I can't reach the sixth string on the frets with my fingers around the fingerboard, and it's worse when I try to play a chord..(augh!) Maybe a Strat will do.. muahaha.... provided it's not too expenceive here! if not, then something with a slimmer fingerboard... and no I'm not a pro guitar player... :: pout:: self taught mostly, know just a few tunes and those were picked out by the ear. I can play the tunes, but not the chords, because of that problem... aiye I'm odd!!!...

I tried guitar classes, but the guy there taught me how to play the Oud (Arabic instrument) instead of the guitar! and that thing has 12 strings and a totally different sound, even though the concept is similar to that of a guitar, it's not exactly the same thing!

Oh well, we'll see what happens...Meanwhile I'm off to work (yes at 3 PM, Jessie has the late shift today)

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