August 20th, 2003

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

personal organization tecniques

Librarian kick is spreading to my personal organization techniques.... I actually have a DVD list catalogues under several categories...... I got the Master one, where I keep a list of ALL the DVDs that I own... then there's the Movies one, which includes all the movie DVDs I own.... then there's the Series list which has all the series that I own on DVDs..... then there's the Music list where I keep all the concerts and music video DVDs... ( so far the majority of them (4) are Bryan Adams DVDs ) and finally there's the Others category where I keep a list of things that aren't movies, music, or series..... yes which means I have a total of 5 different lists......and I keep the DVDs all on seperate shelves (sorted by category) sorted alphabetically.....odd ball I tell ya! Next I'll be arranging them by genre!!! Which may happen mind day it will happen.. when I have a wider collection of DVDs.. which reminds me, must get DVDs that DON'T start with "S" .... then again that's expected from a Stargate fan as well as a ST: DS9 fan!

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