August 14th, 2003

Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Okay... got myself a LiveJournal account...

Okay.... ::tap tap onna microphone:: is this thing on??? hello?


Thanks to Sagey for making me an account with this! :: huggles muchly ::

Uhm.. what to write? aside "credit the right side" and "debit the left side" cuz I just spent 9 hours doing Kelly's Carpets Accounting Practice set that we have to give in on Tuesday.. so don't mention accounting here, that and carpets... don't mention carpets for the next two weeks, cuz I've had enough of carpets to last me that much... can't believe I just mentioned the 'c' word here four times.....

Anyway..... ahem.. what to write.... no I don't lead that much of an exciting life.... :: is single and a librarian, what do you expect? ::

Thank God, the Midas Array ( is still standing...I've never been away from that place for so long... seriously! how do you think I got a reputation there for being online 24/7???

Right well.. that's it for my first entry, I guess... I'm off to play around with the settings on here... :: a-la Dee Dee:: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh what does THIS button do????????

:: runs off to play around with the settings and stuff:: uh-oh

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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Oooh looky...

Oooh look I found the "for more options, click here" link at the bottom.... Now ain't THAT special?

No I'm not going to update my Live Journal every time I do something like that....... just the first three weeks.... kiddin'!!!!

Was with a classmate of mine today doing that silly Accounting Practice Set... why is it people suddenly get those strange odd looks on their face when they hear I'm a vegeterian? (stop lookin' at me like that! yes you.....I am a vegeterian, now deal with it.....) granted I'm a picky date (which should probably explain why I'm still single....) but on the other hand I'm also a cheap date, cuz face it, fruits and vegetables are generally cheaper than meat and you have to spend time cooking the meat too! So guys, you date me, you save money.... :P :: watches swarms of mail coming in from male readers of the LJ:: (NOT)

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Doctor Who: 10 - blue smirk look

Answer (maybe) as to why I think I may be a schizo

Aight.... I'm a cusp case by the zodiac, which means I got two star signs (no I'm not greedy I was just born that way) little history here.. there is a five day period when the signs actually interchange, hence why on some calendars you see "Oct 23 -- Nov 21" and on others you see "Oct 24 -- Nov 22" that's because of the cusp.... 22 November for example (which is my birthday) happens to be the 3 day of the 5 day period when the signs interchange. (the ratings are 20/80, 60/40, 50/50, 40/60, and 80/20) {so if you're born on the 23rd of November, you're 40% Scorpio and 60% Sagittarius. So I fall into the 50%/50% category of the star signs. Now it's an interesting mix I got here, as Scorpio is supposted to be the most serious sign of the zodiac whilst Sagittarians are supposted to be the most insane.. so I guess i fall into the "Schitzo" category of those things... ahem, a way I fall into both these signs, but I don't have ALL of their characteristics, I just got a bunch from here and a bunch from there' or I got all of them but some are more dominant than others....Confused yet? Now you know how I feel, at least partially.....

here's a little comparison of these things that I found on postcards we got in college; my comments are in ()'





Water Sign

Earth Sign

Ruling Planet

Pluto/Mars (no I'm not greedy, that's just the way
things are!)





Key Words

Intense, Passionate, Jealous

Optimist, Independent





Maroon, Dark Red

Dark Blue, Purple


Steel, Iron





Lucky Day







Motivated, Passionate (Pfffft! yeah right, would I be
single???), Resourceful, Investigative, Penetrating, Aware (of what?)

Honest, Charitable, Generous, Straight-Forward,


Intolerant, Violent, Jealous, Resentful, Secretive,

Blunt (in your face!), Impatient (Patience..yeah yeah
when does THAT come?), Pushy, Talks Too Much (or too little, most have
trouble getting a word out of me that isn't funny, serious, or odd)


Surgeon (oh you don't want THESE guys as your
surgeons, trust me! Who would want an intolerant, violent, resentful
surgeon? hmm?), Scientist (mad scientists, they have to have come from
somewhere....), Soldier, Physicists, Orators (er.. yeah), Law Officer

Philosophers, Teachers, Scientists, Theologians,
Public Relations

So yeah.. let's see what we got....I got three ruling planets, a negative-positive attitude (you try being BOTH at the same time! I manage, somehow, even though I contradict myself alot and confuse the rest around me), Motivated and passionate, yet honest and charitable. Intolerant, violent and jealous, yet blunt impatient and pushy. And to boot I can be funny and serious at the same time! (yes it's possible...) So you tell me why in sandhills am I feeling like I'm a schtizo! :P (P.S. I've got more on this, but I don't think I need to post an entire novel here, just yet...)

OK I can see you're running now.. maybe I shouldn't have put that one there... :: sweatdrop::


P.S. Anyone who actually knows me, can tell that most of those characteristics aren't me to that extreme...if they were I'd be a really really scary person... wait I already am... D'oh!!!
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