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:: sigh :: got a lab after 29 minutes..... am already in the room tho'.... hey anything with Internet access is good enough for me!!! Heh!

Lotsa security running around the building.. wonder why... we got about 16 CCTV cameras around the new campus, why all the security? at least they don't come in and look at what you are doing on the computers.....I wouldn't want that.. security is security but enough is enough....if they start checking bags again I'll shoot 'em.. or worse...

What is with the people in here tho? F-word is in every sentence they say.. what they don't know anything else? sheesh! :: shakes head :: typical... very expressive... :: rolls eyes:: how much sense does it make that we have a block on network games and sites like that but XXX sites are open??? what's worse, teens spending time playing games or teens spending time oogling at innapropriate images that they can't see at home because it's blocked there???? does this even make sense?

At the mo, all the guys are bunched up inna corner laughing/wowing at the computer screen... :: rolls eyes::

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