Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

  • Mood: dragged out by parents.. well.. mom hadda go to a doctor and me and dad sorta.. hung around...talked about which car I want and yadda yadda... I'm still not sure... yes I'm leaning towards the CR-V from what we've seen (and tested) so far; but the price is kinda.. I don't know.. 22K..yikes...

true dad said he'll pay, but I don't want to free load off of 'em.. not like Darky, no.. he's got a Lexus and he's being all...well those of you whom I told about him, you know what I mean... I don't want to end up like him; just because everything is seemed to be handed down to me...

In other news... it appears my knee's still a prob, I can't stay in one position for long periods of time, because when I start moving my knee hurts...hope it's nothing serious and it'll go away once the blue spot goes...

yet in other news; I managed to finish 'Timeline' today.. it's so different from the movie O_O book is not as romantic as the movie was.. at least it didn't stress on romance stuff that much..

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