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Home sweet home....... gotta get up at 5 am tomorrow... :: sighs:: and on Tuesday I gotta stay up till 10, then drive back home which will take another hour or so.... then gotta get up early on Wednesday..... and get onna bus home at 6:30; the thing reaches home at 8 at least..... Thursday and Friday 's the weekend, but I doubt I'll rest any more than I did this weekend.... AIYE.... and like that for the nest 12 weeks...... thank God I dont' have a life, I'd have to give it up at this rate..... heh...

My allergies are stratin' to annoy me again...getting tired of those eyedrops and carrying a bag with two sets of eyedrops and a bottle of Tylenol.... :: pout :: At times I'd rather crawl into bed and sleep for weeks.... but that's not possible cuz then I'd be accused of being a lazy git........... I can't win!!!

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