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Musings of a weirdo (re: new car)

Whoops.. there goes 123 bucks ^^ at least the grille's straightened out now.. dad's like "if that wasn't there you'd have to pay lots more" I just went 'duh' in my mind... yeah Jeep's insured but they aren't gonna cover any damages because it's old

one more reason why I want a car with a grille up front.. those things are livesavers at times!

This be it
Except it has the spare on the back, and the color is more silvery than this...

Honda CR-V looking more appealing...

Specs and virtual tour here ->

now if it didn't cost $22K; that's about the only set back.. okay okay so dad's willing to buy a car for me, but I don't wanna freeload off of 'em.. and there's no way I can repay 'em this sort of money unless I get a job that pays a few thousand bucks a month at least....

I want a Hummer, but those things are gonna be outta my range for quite some time... or make that quite a LONG time.. heh
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