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I hate low blood pressure... got to me in class, (okay so I went to the second half only, was RPing during the first, eh heh bad Jessie bad) by the end of the class I was all but stretched out sleeping on my desk...

Grabbed two sugar coated donuts, to help me raise my BP a tad, didn't work I figure...

Drive home was...had to literaly slap myself awake before I fell asleep inna middle of the road..and behind the wheel..O_O;

Came home, took a few hour nap.. not feeling any better at the mo..... oy... and now I and Darky gotta go pick up dad's Merc from the service centre...

Edit: 6:24PM

got back home...didn't fall asleep... phew.. Darky needs to be slapped, he doesn't know how to drive :: glare:: especially other people's cars... oy! no signals, speeding inna city, cutting people off.. sheesh...


random note:
Bryan singing in French.. WOW! (okay and Spanish and Italian and English... ::Sweatdrop:: )

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