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Aiiight..hate when something I plan goes astray...:: glare at parents :: dragged me out to Wafi today...when I didn't wanna go.. granted I gotta Sony 512MB Microvault outta it, but still..I'd rather sit home, and do the stuff I was supposed to do.. like the summary for the RPG and studying for my marketing midterm...

aiy.. oh well.. we came back around 10PM...

Not that I'm complaining about getting the Microvault.. nu-uh! I didn't have to spend my money on it... dad was inna good mood.. :: Sweatdrop :: ehrm... yeah those things cost a bundle here... 200 bucks or thereabouts... but dad's weird that way at times...if he's in a really good mood...

Erf... me thinks I better hit the hay.. gonna be up in like... 4 hours anyway..

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