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Geez.. started playing the piano again.. am so outta practice (not that it's good for my wrist! aiye) am playing easier pieces than the TNG theme tho... ones that DON'T need a four-chord combo all over the place in the left and right hands ... so my hands end up all owwie at the end...

I got the Star Trek themes from movies (up to Insurrection) and all the TV Series...

Surprisingly the DS9 theme is quite simple to play, I haven't tried it on the flute yet, but I think it'll sound all right without the chords and all...

Tried playing First Contact it stuck in my head now.. D'oh... O_O;

gave Richard a bath.. he behaved...^^

stomach's behaving too now; I've had like... 5 cups of coffee to keep myself from going raaar at everyone around here.....

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