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Wouldn't you know it... Darky's supposted to be 'sick' with a fever and a sore throat; 's why he slept till 4PM today, but he's still OK to go out tonight..... My that was a quick recovery within the last three days I might add......he's been out with his girlfriend for the last 3 days..... saving money.. oh yeah, sure he is.....thank God he doesn't bring her here just as often, I'd shoot myself before babysitting her brother.....gave him a Sega to play on last time so he can buzz off and I can get on with my work....not sure it'll work next time....but who knows...

Did something I rarily do nowadays; sing at home whilst no one was home... well dad was away and mom was outside and Darky's out...i really oughta do this more often, to keep my voice in tip top shape, but without overdoing it and straining it too much... can't let that happen....not with a December full of performances due to Christmas....

Battling with an IACT201 essay for the moment.... why? cuz I've no idea what to write about whilst looking at the information society in Australia... he said it's ok to summarize the article.... 750 words from a 23 page article? good I'm just trying to summarize part of an article; he said that was ok too, cuz i called 'im up today...Nevermind he ended up confusing me even more at first! OY! betcha I'll be up at 1 am with a great idea and finish the darned thing off in seconds! This sorta thing happens when I'm 'slow' during the week in terms of getting my ideas together.... D'oh! yes I'm picky about this too....:: sighs,then wails:: I can't win! I'm picky about EVERYTHING! AIYE!!!


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