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Day ahead

Midterm today..and a lab and work...

Gotta do a lot at work.. shelves are a major mess...:: grumble:: don't the student assistants know how to shelf anything? they just pop in books anywhere and then you can't find anything! OY! If you're gonna do a half-arsed job here, you may as well get a library it's important to keep things organized on the shelves, that's kinda the point...

So gonna go see if I can shelf check the entire collection in under two hours ^^

I don't know why some people don't like this sorta work... it's not exactly mundane...oh sure it's all about checking if the books are in the right order, but to me it's more... also checking if the books have the right call numbers, whether they're in the right section, this sorta thing...a business plan book clearly stands out in the HR section as the odd one out and it shouldn't be there even if the call number says that's its place...

yeah.. I'm weird...
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