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Random Thoughts.... or are they?

Quiet time at work... (then again I work in a library and it's SUPPOSED to be quiet over here...) it's even quiter than usual an hour before we close and thereabouts... kinda nice though..... no headaches and all.. but once you open the door to outside of the library BAM you get hit by a wave of so much noise you actually start wondering why they have to yell so much...... and of course yours truly hadda get the computer that's right next to the door... so each time people enter/exit I get hit by a wave of noise from outside and wonder why the heck are the people out there so loud... then I think, cuz they deaf from all that noise! Which explains a lot... they come into the library and stat shouting.. HELLO? didn't see the "silence" signs? most shut up when I give 'em a look or glare at them, tho'... one of the finer points of being a librarian..... MUAHAHAHAH!!!

Onto other things.... I was inna weird mood today (then again when am I not in a weird mood?) so I decided to color my hair... and I've already been called a stop light several times... :: glares at people:: okay so it's slighly redder than I wanted it to be..... but what'cha gonna do?! oh well at least people notice me when I walk actually looks nice to me.... dad hasn't noticed thus far, (no idea why... men I guess...) when he notices, I betcha he'll throw me out..... he nearly flipped when I put highlights in........ oh well at least it ain't GREEN or PURPLE.......

Oh well, I've always been a rebel, so doing something either (or both) my parents don't agree with, isn't something new to me..... but it's always fun! Heee


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