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Bios revised, finally!

OKay Jeep's squeaky clean.... was supposed to wash it yesterday but things kinda got away from me, so yeah....

And I got hit by insiration during the Marketing lecture... (or was it 2 consequtive cups of coffee within 2 hours?) anyways...sorta worked out the posting format for SGC, plus added a few more guidelines on paper, so I could post 'em on TMA during break.. then I printed out my MBI.SK RPG charas' BIOs and worked on those during the class... (albeit I was paying attention to the lecture too! )

Came home, got to work on the BIOs, finally got 'em revised! Eh-heh... Jessiemun got off 'er lazy tush and revised 'er chars' BIOs! although some are a tad flat in places, I'm not that good with Biographies...

now if I could start writing fics again... O_O;

edit: course ... as usual inspiration hits when I have a midterm really close by and I have to study for that.....

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