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Why is it, because i work in a library I have to know when everyone does their presentation and what their topic is in our Marketing class? I swear it's annoying! Bunch came up to me today and were like "what are we presenting? and when?" 'ello?! I'm not even in your group! For crying outloud, just because I'm a librarian by day (more or less) doesn't mean I'm psychic!

Course I *WAS* the one who figured out the whole mess of sessions and dates, that the guy tried to explain to the class and apparently no one got it, they all got confused (session 5 or week 5? session five was last week and it was week 4, how come ? why do we get 12 sessions instead of 9? what are we gonna do during the extra sessions? (apparently no one saw the green lines from each chapter along with dates for that session and him clearly saying we'll do ONE chapter a class instead of 2 in the last 4 sessions!)

And at work.. hooo boy.. someone walked up to me and went like "hey 'yo 'sup?! It's me!" (was a guy I've never seen in my life, aside maybe casually in the library but we never talked/got friendly so) me being on-duty, I'm always in that no nonesense mode, and etc.. so I just raised my eyebrow and went... 'can I help you?' he just went.. "is that all the reaction I get? It's me, dammit!" I just went.. 'me, who?!' he just went 'it's me... aww hell, I'll be around' then he turned around and left... i went back to work... maybe he got the wrong person there... ^^ aiye...I'm not THAT terrible with faces and voices and people!! Even when I haven't had any coffee in the last 6 hours...

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