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Erk... okay... why do I always end up saying "yeah sure I'll do it" even if I don't know how to do it, but just then sorta go and figure it out for myself?! promised someone at work I'd try to make a banner/wallpaper for 'em.. I did.. sort of... after playing around in PSP8, MGI Photosuite and Macromedia DireWorks MX.. I really need to kick myself into getting more aquianted to them.. not just going ::point/click:: "lets see what this does... ARGH...UNDO UNDO"

Oh well...on the bright side of this, at least I'm learning how to use those proggies.. ^^

on another note, got a C++ proggy to do due 8th.. :: twitch:: spend several hours pouring over several books on C++ trying to figure out how to even start the darned thing... it's weird.. I understand the theory behind the programming code, but I can't write a piece of code myself even if it'd safe my life! (well I can, if I'm pushed in the right direction, but not from complete scratch) O_O;
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