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Presentation went allright.. wasn't too long... ^^ I didn't lose track, didn't mess up ... didn't get any stupid questions asked... aside "do we have to use Harvard referencing system"

bubba 's what the outline sez! UOW uses Harvard, [sarcasm] no you can use any other system out there, hell you can even use one you make up yourself! [/sarcasm]

'nother... thing.. I'm trying to come up with a name for my Jeep... :S so far I narrowed it down to

"Ashrak" (Goa'uld for "assasin" I think it's very appropriate considering yours truly is the NRA President..and rives a 4X4 ;P )

"Kresh'taa" ("not of the people/alien" but I think that sounds too... female...)

could look into the whole mythology of things...and no.. ain't gonna call it "Apophis" or "Ra" or something akin of that...

suggestions welcome...I'm quite lost myself in here... maybe I'll sleep on it.. ^^

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