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C++ and College future musings...

Library finally got the Deitel and Deitel C++ Cyber Classroom with the "C++ How to Program" book. I got the book...took the Cyber Classroom kit out, copied the CDs (I know, breach of copyright.. meh it's for educational nyeah)

Gonna hit it hard on.. oh wait.. no weekend.. except Friday...well gonna study it then...heh..

I'm useless when it comes to programming...I understand the logic and such, but when it comes to actually writing a program I draw a blank... I'm so weird.. O_O;

I'm so hoping this cyber classroom thing will help.. the book's read outloud with live examples and such... hrm... toying with an idea to transfer chapters to my MP3 player in .mp3 format so I can listen to 'em in the Jeep on the way to uni...

I definitely wanna get good grades this session...

actually...I just wanna get the damn degree and do a master's in library studies via distance learning in Australia whilst doing a masters in teaching in UOW here...the master of education program is going to start this or next September; so it'll be brand new provided I finish my Bachelor's in Computer Science by this time next year...I can start the two master's programs simultaneously... ^_^ but for all I know that could all be wistfull thinking...

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