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I switch my computer on today in the morning and get a nice little surprise....my user profile has been corrupted (God knows why, I didn't do anything out of this world yesterday to get my profile corrputed....)

Grrrr.... no idea to the extent of damage done.... files seem to be there but the user settings plus e-mail plus everything in the "My Documents" files isn't there..I had to get to work and college before I could investige fully.. will see if I can take a look-see when I come back from DHC; provided I won't be too tired.....

I'm irked...apparently it bombed my college folder which I kept on the desktop; cuz it had all my college notes and stuff up to date.. if I have to re-do 'em I'll shoot someone.... if it's still on the computer and it's corrupted I'll definitely shoot someone.... In any case it's extra work to dig out the files and stuff and put things back the way they were...I had austomized sound scheme there, it's gonna be apaindigging out the sounds again since I don't recall were they are located :: Sweatdrop::

Oy! Windows is an annoying git... technet says that reasons for profile being currupted is because the profile is corrupted... um.. DUH! So much for their help..... :: smirks::


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