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I miss those times....

[PhoenixWolf] [RJ] Hoo. Hah! ::Does his best Johnny Bravo impression::
[PhoenixWolf] You die, wuff. Sagey! Attack.
[PhoenixWolf] [RJ] ::Ears droop:: Meep.
[SypherSK] ::dies Phoenix!::
[Sagey] :pause:: Eh? ::to Phoenix:: Attack?
[PhoenixWolf] [RJ] ::Has already hitailed it::
[PhoenixWolf] Drat. Never miiind...
[Sagey] Attack? ::pause, then reads the Johnny Bravo thing:: But... he didn' swoon or call me a "pretty momma"...
[SypherSK] ::DIES!::
[Sagey] THERE he dies...;)
[PhoenixWolf] [RJ] No need to. ::KISS!:: Dat's all I need to do. And... ::RIPSHIRTOFF:: This.
[KaeruSK] ::giggle::
[SypherSK] [RJ] Hey, Pretty Momma... [Sagey] ::inches away... minutes pass... :: [RJ] ::starts to open his mouth:: [Sagey] ::crowns him with a golf club::
[PhoenixWolf] ::Wince!::
[Sagey] ::DIES, and chases after RJ....with a cannon!!::
[KaeruSK] ::laugh::
[PhoenixWolf] [RJ] Yie!!!!!!!!! ::RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN.... yes, he runssommeore::
[SypherSK] ::dies at RJ!:: [RJ] Hey, pretty momma... ::RIPSHIRTOFF!:: [Sagey] ::casually tosses her ice cold drink on his bare tummy::
[KaeruSK] Ooooooo...cold. ::snicker::
[PhoenixWolf] [RJ] Brrrrrrrrrrowl! ::Looks at wet sexy chest, and grins:: Thanks, pretty momma. ::POSE!:: [Sagey] Argh.
[SypherSK] [RJ] ::does his "Jonny Bravo, "pretty momma" thing to Jessie:: [Jessie] ::is reading the paper, pulls out her Enforcer blaster and fires, hitting him dead on w/o ever looking up::
[Sagey] ::DIES!::
[JessieSK] ::is DEAD::
[PhoenixWolf] [RJ] ::Is very DEAD, too. Or, at least burned extra tasty crispy::
[Sagey] He's just stunned!
[KaeruSK] ::laugh::
[SypherSK] [RJ] I'll say! I've never been rejected so fast! Not since Sage anyways...

Random lunacy... oh yeah...

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