Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

  • Mood: this urge to move my DVD shelves around..I should be sleeping.. but I'm too...uh..something or other... wanna move the shelves.. will probably do that once everyone is asleep..

course I'm gonna feel the wrath of this one tomorrow... (I should be a 1030 class tomorrow, must leave by 0900, I'll wake up at 0500-0530 ANYWAY! darned internal clock messed up, apparently...oy)

What am I doing at 0500-0530 since I'm not online? Reading in bed mostly...parents know I wake up earlier than the cat does they won't be too happy about that... heh.. so I'm just keepinga low profile until dad wakes up and turns the main computer on.. of course RP mornings are different, but they actually know I get up early then..and they still have a problem with me sitting online three mornings a week and doing something I enjoy...

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