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Oy vey...

right wrist totally gave out after my last... class.. where I wrote the RPG summary in class by hand, then typed it out onna computer in like 5 minutes... I got the wrist support on now, without it my right hand's too shaky/stressed/in pain to write/type much... and the fingers of my hand are sorta, not bending all the way down like they should.. OY! no idea what's up there... too much writing I suppose.. or it could be cuz I started driving and.. nah couldn't be that.. driven long distance before and was fine... I dunno.. :: siiigh ::

and what's with people trying to tell me to change my avatar on TMA?!
they claim my current one's too... grumpy looking? (I'm Dr. Daniel Jackson on TMA) I tell you that's not grumpy! he's trying to look intimidating or something...
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