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Haven't eaten much today... just am not hungry... course I spent a couple of hours in bed, asleep.. and I'm not known for sleeping during the day... oy...

suffice to say didn't do much in terms of working on my car...will have to do it tomorrow...

my lower back hurts... think it's a slipped disk or something...really hurts when I walk or sit... aiye.. just what I right hand is still idea what to do there... letting it do nothing, doesn't help.. which is weird.. wearing the wrist brace now, it seems to be helping somewhat, but not enough to sorta make it a permanent solution... at least I can type without too many typos now ^^

aye.. been reading C++ preparing for the lecture tomorrow..memory management, pointers and strings and intro to structures this week...oy...

and I think I caught a cold...sneezing and gotta runny nose.. harrumph....

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