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Came back from the chorus party thing...drove on my own... I don't know why they make such a big deal out of me driving on my own.... it's not like I'm reckless on the roads... (only when there aren't any other cars around) we got enough idiots on the roads as is.. I don't want to add to the population... oh well.. parents I suppose...I don't know.. honestly it's no big deal driving on my own..I listen to music and as opposed to dad saying it distracts you, it doesn't distract me.. I sing along but I'm watching the roads! It actually keep me alert, because the trip to uni and back is kinda boring...

but yeah.. okay I suck direction-wise... I need a GPS that gives me directions! Otherwise I keep wondering whether I took the right turn or messed up somewhere.. dont' want to end up in Abu Dhabi (No reference to Garfield cartoons!) but hey... so long as I get to my destination allright ^^

My bed calls...x_x

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