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Had an ::pause:: adequate day.... more or less.. only highlight was work! So I'm a workaholic, so what?

When they told me Marketing would have lot of information, they weren't exxagerating! covered 5 chapters within 2 hours of lecture time... definitely behind on my reading; fortunately I'll have the time to catch up on that during the week. Well it's not just the reading; it's also the chapter outlines I'm doing for each chapter.... with diagrams from the book and yadda.... which takes me a few hours to make per chapter, but the end result is good....

got an ok day tomorrow.. work, followed by two hour lecture of BUSS211 (Systems Analysis and Design) I sorta skimmed the chapter we're going to do tomorrow, so it'll be easier to decipher what the guy's whispering... yes he's whispering cuz I can't hear most of what he says and I'm sitting in the front row!

Then got a fun class.... IACT201... Information technology and Citizen's Rights...3 hours of mostly debates and discussions; which I can live with; it's a fun a report printed out from FTC.... I doubt people even read those things; it's a novel! but the stuff i've read in it thus far is actually quite informative, I'm taking it to class tomorrow (after I get it bound at work) and see what Karl thinks of it......

Second day in the row I eat about a pound of carrots..... swear I'm going to grow rabbit ears and hop to work soon! either that or get the Jeep... giving it to the service station tomorrow so they can fix the roof padding inside... it'll set me back about $150 (there goes part of my paycheck) but wanted to pay for it but I said I'll do it if the Jeep is going to be mine I need to take the responcibility for it in monetary ways too; no way I want to be like Darky and get the car tweaked for dad's money...


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