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:: twitch twitch:: oww.. my back... me thinks I need to see a chiropractor... or.. something or other... eh heh...

Got invited to Darky's GF's birthday party... :: grumble:: they're making me go, cuz they're saying I'm out of touch with "reality" uh...yeah whatever

Covering Beach Road library tomorrow as they have their team meeting....and a late shift at KV.. plus tech rehearsal in the evening for the 11th June concert.. whoo.. I think..

I'm so tired tho'....slept at two am last night..woke up at 5:49....had a rough morning so to speak.... now I gotta go to this.. party thing after two hours.. OY! :: glare :: I don't really want to because.. yeah okay so I prefer hanging out with older people! better than hanging out with KIDS who use more profanity than your regular rap 'song'


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