Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

:: sweatdrop:: been up and asleep throughout the night...once cuz mom walked in and turned my A/C down to NorthPole setting... 77F(25C) is chilly for me...especially the way this thing blows... OY! Mom set it down to 75.5F(24C)! Woke up shivering at around 2 am, turned the A/C off slept without it until 4, woke up then turned it back on to the temp I prefer 78-80F (26-27C)

Now I gotta runny nose and watery eyes...and a sore throat to boot :: grumble:: thank you mother. if I can't sing on the 11th I'll know who to pin this one on... :: grumble::

Now working on the Rules and Regs for the SGC RP... they're in the need of a complete overhaul and my mind can't seem to think straight enough to come up with coherent sentences.. wonder why that is.. I need coffee.. yes!
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