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Stargate eps.. whooo

Finally got to watch a few episodes of Stargate SG1...

ah-heh... 4 episodes... "Double Jeopardy", "Exodus", "Enemies" and "Threshold" Season 4/5.. now I know what I've been missing!

I really need to try and get into a habit of watching at least an episode a day.. trouble is, finding the time where people can leave me alone for 40 minutes or so... I only get a chance to watch my DVDs if someone's over at my place or parents and Darky are out of the house for a few hours and neither of them drags me along with 'em...

or... :: gets an insane idea :: all-nighter of watching SG1... whilst they're all asleep... but I can't keep it on too loud and my home theatre system is so dang good the floor vibrates whenever the gate's dialing in/out and such... course it'd have to be really loud for it to have the full effect.. but dang.. those zat shots outta the back speakers really made me go "huh? :: turn around, look for Jaffa/Goa'uld with Zats::"

:: Sweatdrop:: Heee!
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