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came back home two hours ago or so.....watched a few DS9 episodes(I know some will think "FINALLY!" I got the season three and four DVD sets about two months ago...and I'm only on the third DVD of season three!!!) rather interesting show actually, despite the fact that I have to sit slightly closer to the TV than I normally do, because I get headaches if I sit at the normal distance (recon it's cause of the allergies and me having to strain more to see clearer when I'm further away.......) Mom hates it that I sit close to the TV, so I pretend I'm going through some files and have the TV on as background noise, (which I do at times anyway...) it's the weekend here, so I can watch TV... :P whilst there's nothing much going on otherwise.... family left me alone for today (which is amazing in itself, they normally come up with somethign stupid for me to do or urgent or whatever, whenever I sit down to watch a movie or something. Hence why I end up taping half the shows I like or just want to watch, because there's not guarantee mom or dad or Darky won't come in and tell me they have something 'urgent' that needs to be done right away.... I think today was like that because yesterday was a day off (public holiday) so there aren't that many orders and whatnot to go through, and tomorrow's a day off I oughta see about doing some studying tomorrow too! Nevermind that I did my marketing tutorial questions and read the chapters ahead just so that I know what the lecture will be about....)

Rihard's asleep on my pillow which I sit on whilst watching TV... :: glare :: next time I feel an urge to make an entry in my LJ with him in the room feel free to give me a swift kick.....the cat likes to hoggle my space I swear!

Cleaned up my room somewhat today..... just to get mom off my back mind you.... put everything in organized piles (like my linguistics books; these I can't just put on shelves and whatnot, as I refer to them a lot of the time, (long story that one....blame my linguist kick....HEY at least it's educational! :: gets pelted by tomatoes and yadda and called 'geek' at that :: 'ey.. careful! I'm the NRA President despite my weird hobbies!!!)).... vacuumed the carpet... (hey maybe this day wasn't all THAT wasteful....)


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