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Exam and.. such

OKay my right hand is officially on life support in terms of a wrist brace thing.. 10 pages of writing.. 600 word essay, 7 'short answer' questions which are about half a page per question.... MCQs (easy) and a few problems.. all in under 2 hours.... wow.. I'm nuts... that's what my right wrist's trying to tell me.. "slow down, don't write so fast!"

and why does my sarcasm/cynisism seep into answers even on the exams? Yes I actually answered a few short answer questions with "now if firewalls solved all the security problems and it was as easy as "okay you run it, that's all the security we would need" would there BE problems with security and keeping data away from grubby little virtual hands of hackers and other assorted looneys who think it's a challenge getting into your system?" and other assorted replies i can't recal at the moment, but I was nearly laughjing outloud when I re-read some of the answers.. not because they were so fake or whatever but because of the sarcasm and such in there.... I don't think he'll get the humor tho'.... oh well..

but uh yeah.. I'm taking two subjects next semester.. MARK101 and CSCI121... found out what's available thanks in part to my job ^^.. Got Maureen to bug Nawar and all for the outlines for summer session, we need to get the Close Reserve System ready for summer session (CRS has all the textbooks used for courses currently running, and we need the outlines to know which books they are) Nawar sent 'em to 'er, that's how I found out what's available.. Mwahaha... on the job perks.. yay.. still don't know what the times for the subjects are...

Oh well.. copy a bunch of CDs and then off to bed or.. no no bed.. watch Stargate episodes! YES!
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