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Stuff and... stuff

Exam went... better than expected... I'm too suspicious at times... well not that you can be too suspicious, really... 8 questions... 9 pages of writing.... my right hand's about ready to fall off...should've worn the wrist support but... nyeah.. :: tug at hair::

Worked a few hours in the library at KV after the exam...

Last exam tomorrow... I'm *STILL* not sure what to take next semester and what's on offer outta the computer subjects! I don't need any busines susbjects and that's what's up on the boards thus far.. oy.. oh well..Tomorrow... I got.. work at BR, exam, work at KV...back-to-back...

Oh well if I'm not taking anything in the summer I'll surely hit a few projects that I've been putting off for years, head-on!

Oh and.. watch my Stargate and Deep Space Nine episodes! YES! Definitely! :: hug DVD sets ::
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