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Walk on the Memory lane, MBI/SK RPG-wise

How the Jessie, President of NRA gag got started....I believe that was about 2 years least according to the files I found...

Backups of the old MBI site when it was still on Geocities and I was helping sagesk move it to fyresight... I found the Lightside files today, and went through them because it's more fun that studying.. :P

Anyway... how the NRA joke got started...speaks for itself I'm guessing...
[JessieClawson] ::calls out:: Show yourself... I'm not gonna hurt not armed...
[PhoenixWolf] You sure...?
[JessieClawson] ::blinks:: I'm sure.. I'm *not* gonna hurt you...
[ChanceSK] (([Jessie] Let me check.. Oh.. Wait.. Pocketknife... Okay, it's gone now... ::pause:: Waitwait... switchblade. Okay, that's gone too.))
[JessieClawson] (([Jessie] look at me and look at you.. you're 2 times as tall as I am...))
[JakeClawson] ((ROFL!!!!))
[JessieClawson] ((GONEBYEBYE))
[PhoenixWolf] You TRULY sure...? Yer not mad...?
[JakeClawson] (([Phoenix] Hrm... ::picks Jessie by the legs, shakes as all types of weaponry spill out... Including hatchets, laser beams, tasers, etc.:: MEEPS!!! [Jessie] Wow... How'd all that get in there?))
[ChanceSK] (([Phoenix] ::frisks her... finds a bow and arrows, small holdout blaster, eight knives.....::))
[JessieClawson] (([Jessie] nno wait.. bazooka... now gone..::looks for something else:: tranq gun now gone... ))
[ChanceSK] ((::dies!:: GMTA!!!))
[JakeClawson] ((::DEAD::))
[JessieClawson] ((DIESDIESDEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!))
[PhoenixWolf] ((::DEAD!:: CMTA! ]=o) ))
[JessieClawson] I'm not mad!! I won't harm you... come down...
[ChanceSK] (([Phoenix] Jehosephat, woman! Are you tryin' ta' start a war by yourself?!))
[JakeClawson] ((::DEAD::))
[JessieClawson] ((Jessie] ::bout the "you're not mad bit:: who told you that?))
[JessieClawson] ((DEAD))
[JakeClawson] (([Jessie] ::Is president of the NRA::))
[ChanceSK] (([Jessie] ::conquered Luxemberg and Switzerland once::))
[JessieClawson] ((LOL))
[JakeClawson] (([Jessie] ::all she had to do was raise her voice::))
[JakeClawson] (([Jessie] ::even the UN handed her the keys:: Hello! [UN] ::hand her the keys to the world:: It's all yours!))
[ChanceSK] (([Jessie] ::was carting a refurbished Russian nuclear weapon at the time::))
[JessieClawson] ((DIGTHEHOLE))
[JessieClawson] (([dark kat] gee she makes it sooo easy!!! *how* does she do it? I fail all the time!! ::pouts::))
[JakeClawson] (([Jessie] ::sad thing is... It didn't even have a battery!))
[JessieClawson] ::to Phoenix:: why should I be mad? come down I'm not gonna hurt you..
[ChanceSK] (([DK] ::why he wants to kill Jess.. he's just purple with envy::))
[JessieClawson] ((DEAD))
[JessieClawson] ((GONEBYEBYE!!))
[PhoenixWolf] Okay... ::Slips down off the roof...::
[JakeClawson] ((:DEAD!!!!!!!!::))
[PhoenixWolf] ::Lands flawlessly::
[ChanceSK] (([DK] Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most destructive of them all? [Mirror] Much as you may dread. It must just be said. Jessie is the most destructive of them all. [DK] ARGH!!! ::pulls on his hair::))

oh the fun times... ()=o)

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