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Went to Sahara Centre.. geez there are a lot of people there now! and some twits park in handicapped zone just cuz it's closer to the entrance... (I always say they *ARE* hadicapped -- in the head! )

Anyway... I got myself onna those keychains with funny lines on 'em.... one with "Reality is the leading cause of stress" and the other one is "Heaven doesn't want me, and hell's afraid I'll take over" Mwahaha.. that last one's on my cell, and the first one's on my key collection.....Got 'em on Sale too... 2 bucks... ^^ okay I don't get lunch on Sunday, but "Heaven doesn't want me...." thing is far too TRUE for me to pass by without buying it... =^_^=

OKay.. funny.. where the heck are my priorities? I don't get lunch on Sunday *but* I get keychains! (That's so typical of me... ) WHOOOO! Ahem.. I'll just grab something from home in a paperbag or something.. haven't had a bagged lunch in quite some time, about time I had I suppose...

I oughta get paid on Tuesday anyway, so I think I can stretch it for a few more days with.... :: glance inna wallet :: HA HA 8 bucks! LOL.... G'luck stretching it further than Sunday! HAH! But like I said.. bagged lunches for the next few days at work I guess... no more Subway Veggie Delite deliveries to the Library ^^ :: sweatdrop::

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