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Just came back from Dubai Harmony Chorus; yep it's almost 11 PM and yep I've been 'out there' since 11 am or thereabouts... my allergies are killin' me but I feel groovy anyway because of all the singing we did...Thank God the allergies affect my eyes and head not my throat!! had a great time at DHC; since I'm the youngest member of the thing and I can relate to older people more than to people my own age, it was fun....

On another note...I got 2 semesters left (not counting the current one) before I can graduate; *provided* I take 5 subjects next semester.. after this semeseter I'll have 9 more subjects that I need to do before I can complete my program...we'll see how that goes.. I gotta hit the books to get good grades though.... don't want to end up repeating anything, as that can set me back a bit.... and I really don't have a choice but to take 5 subjects one semester, otherwise I'll have to spend an extra year just because of one lousy subject...which is not fun... I am sure.....with the silly transfer, I gottabe the most difficult case Dr Nawar ever encountered (he told me so.. :P ) cuz I'm doing a subject from first year, two from second, another one from first year second semester, and etc... we have a program guide which pretty much tells us which subjects to take when so we can graduate on time..... I just happen to be the annoying/problematic case....heh... never said my life was easy... :P


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