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SGC RPG on TMA ( too many acronyms, no?)

Aragorn, Gaffer and I have finally got around to really bouncing ideas off of eachother and getting SOMEWHERE with the RPG.. course Bond being the "COMEOOOOOOON!!!!!!! HURRY!!!" and whatnot... geez.. we're workin' on it.. genius can't be rushed! so what if the RPG has been in the works since November/December last year (no kiddin'!) we're gettin' there!

Been working on it since 6:30 am myself and it's almost three PM now...

Course this being my study break and I'm supposed to be STUDYING for finals~! ::sweatdrop:: D'oh.... mrrr.. I oughta be used to that... I get fun ideas when I'm in the middle of something important.....and fun stuff comes up when you're in the middle of something important, but alas.. that is life....
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