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Summer To Do list...

Things to do when I get done with my exams (not necessarily in that order):
- Stargate stuff for TMA
- Get SGC RPG finished up and launched on TMA
- Watch Stargate SG1 Season 5 and 6 DVDs
- Watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 7 DVDs
- Read about Ancient Egypt
- Study Spanish
- Find a hobby that can get me out of the house and away from you know who….
- Play Myst or Riven or Myst: Excile (or all of them!)
- Make a list of all the books I own….(biggie project that one)
- Learn how to use PSP8/Macromedia progs
- Other stuff that needs my attention and me being a procrastinator and/or too lazy to get to it….uh yeah

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