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Still haven't settled my work schedule... this is so annoying!!! AUGH!!! and the allergies aren't any better..... gotta try to squeeze in a doc's appointment tomorrow.. I should've seen 'er a week ago, but I didn't have the time..... plus I gotta talk to Nawar (IT Coordinator) to figure out how much I actually got left before I graduate..... graduation's in december, normally, and according to what I got I still have two more semesters to go before I'm done, so I'm gonna stick around and wait for a year until I can get my degree as well as actually walk for the darned thing. Then it's probably a distance learning course in librarianship over at Charles Sturt University of Deakin or Uni of Technology in Sydney... depends on things..... I dunno, wouldn't plan that far ahead. I still gotta finish the undergrad program!

Now I'm sortin' out the mess Showtime made off Mutant X by showing the episodes in random order so that some of them don't make sense...Thank God I have two VCRs which enables me for easier re-recording sessions without me having to drag around the family VCR anytime I want to re-record something..... good thing when i taped the episodes originally I taped them without ads so I don't actually have to watch every episode and pause the recording everytime there's an advert... I just put it on and go on with whatever I'm doing.. in most cases beating my head over trying to juggle two bus schedules..... and fit in work and college... OY!


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