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Oh woe..where does the time go?1

Of course you start asking yourself that after you've RPed for 7 hours straight! Ahem.... I need to get a life... honestly...

Hmm.. things to do so this day won't go to waste completely... and no... I don't consider RPGing a waste of time; it's a great way to spend time! and I enjoy it! But real life must not be hurt because of RPs...

Stuff to do:
- jet over to Co-op for stationery supplies for next semester....I'll need some blank lined paper (there's an oxymoron...), a notebook and a folder.... I'll need to buy a pack of blank paper for the printer in the office (since Darky is lazy to get it himself but he likes to yammer on about us not having any blank paper left....I'll get it.. I should really just stuff the whole pack down his throat but that'd be a waste of 5 bucks) oh and buy COFFEE! (before I start showing signs of withdrawal)
- study for finals...
- do some reading of lighter material than E-commerce and Computer Security
- clean the computer fans, noise givin' me a headache!
- get a life.. wait.. that's never going to get crossed off the list...

and I think I"m gonna need a brace for my left wrist too now.. it's complaining whenever I'm typing.. O_O :: twitch::


well.. I got the lined pads the size i want...oy! Oh well... may look in another shop where they got a wider selection of things.... uh yeah... no rush.. still got three weeks until this semester ends... got the coffee yeeeheee... 4th cup and it's only 5PM... Muaha... ahem..

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